Alexander Wood Legacy

27 10 2020

Here’s a video of my most recent conversation with Dr. Virgil Wood.

Beloved Community Initiative

In this next “in conversation” video, Dr. Virgil Wood talks about the Alexander Wood legacy, the Julius Rosenwald school he attended as a young child and the community that nurtured him, and the concept of a Deep Woods memorial park that is under development in Texas.

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Houston Event – Dec 13

11 12 2018

Beloved Community Initiative

At 4:30pm on Thursday, Dec 13, 2018, Dr. Virgil Wood, Dr. Carlos Phillips, Dr. Owen Cardwell, Dr. Ralph Hall, and Dr. Ryan Hulbert will be speaking at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston about “Lifting the Veil of Ignorance, Reversing the Jail Trail, and Jump Starting Viable Economic Futures for All.” Please come and join us if you are located in the Houston area.

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Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) Webinar

3 12 2018

Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development

On December 5 at 1pm (EST), Prof. Ashford and I will be giving a webinar on our revised textbook as part of the Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC) webinar series. During the webinar we will explore the central ideas covered in the textbook and discuss how we teach such a comprehensive range of theories, subjects, and approaches to advancing sustainable development.

To pre-register, go to:

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Watch the BCI Event Live

23 11 2018

Beloved Community Initiative

The 2018 Beloved Community Initiative Humanities Summit (from 1:30-5:00pm on Tuesday, Nov 27) can now be watched live via Facebook and Zoom.


The event will feature the following sessions:

1:30 – 2:45 PM: The History of the Civil Rights Movement through the Lens of the Winning Essays and the Ancestors

  • Panel hostProf. Sylvester Johnson (Director of the VT Center for Humanities)
  • Panel members: Essay Contest Winners, Dr. Virgil Wood (Church Leader, Educator, and Civil Rights Activist), and Prof. Corey Walker (VUU Vice President, Dean and Professor of Religion and Society)

3:00 – 4:45 PM: Strategies to Overcome Structural Forms of Inequality to Create Systems of Economic and Social Justice

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VT’s Navy ROTC Helps Organize Next Shipment of Books

2 11 2018

The Mzuni Library Initiative

We would like to thank the Midshipmen in Bravo Company from Virginia Tech’s Navy ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) unit for helping us organize our second shipment of books to Mzuzu University. The video below provides some insight into what it takes to process over 100 boxes of books (weighing over 4,000 lbs) in 1.5 hours. We could not have done this so efficiently without the help of the NROTC. We plan to ship these books later this fall.

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Chapter 13 – Pathways to Sustainability

30 08 2018

We have just released the final chapter from our new textbook that focuses on policy interventions to encourage a sustainable transformation in industrial and industrializing economies. Enjoy!

Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development

We are pleased to be able to release the final chapter of our new textbook which focuses on policy interventions to encourage a sustainable transformation in industrial and industrializing economies. We have also released the index to provide you with a sense of the issues that are covered throughout the textbook.

In the coming weeks, we will begin to release the presentations we use to teach the material in the textbook at MIT and Virginia Tech. These presentations will be shared via Google Slides. We hope that this additional material will hep others incorporate the textbook material into their courses. We would also be happy to work with anyone who is willing to take on the challenge of teaching the entire textbook as one course. If the scheduling works, we would be happy to provide a guest lecture or two on those subjects that fall outside of the instructor’s expertise. Both Nicholas and I support each…

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Second Mzuni Delegation Visits VT

25 08 2018

It was pleasure to host a second delegation from Mzuni last week. The final design for the new Mzuni library is now in reach.

The Mzuni Library Initiative

This past week, a second delegation from Mzuzu University visited Virginia Tech to discuss the next phase of the library design project. After selecting a final conceptual design in February, this delegation focused on the next phase of the project – the development of detailed engineering designs for the new library.

During their time on campus, the delegation visited Virginia’s Tech’s Advance Research Computing facility to discuss the type of systems that could be installed in the new library’s planned data center. The video below provides a first person view of the their visit. Note how our architecture students, who have led the design of the new library, continue to be fully engaged with the design process.

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Pre-ordering of Book Now Available

23 05 2018

A significantly revised and updated version of Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development: Transforming the Industrial State, will be available this fall.

Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development

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UAP 5524: International Development

25 04 2018

Virginia Tech Graduate Certificate in Global Planning and International Development Studies

This fall, Prof. Kris Wernstedt will be offering UAP 5524: International Development as a replacement course for UAP 5764G: International Development Policy and Planning. UAP 5524 will run on Friday’s from 8:00 to 10:30am and will be offered via Zoom (a web conferencing platform).

Course Description – UAP 5524: International Development

What challenges do developing countries face in the 21st century as a legacy of past practices and histories and as globalization continues apace? How do these problems manifest themselves at global, trans-border, nation-state, and city scales? What policy responses and planning management practices have nations pursued to address their development challenges, and what solutions have appeared to create more livable environments in the face of them?

Through readings, lectures, interviews of practitioners from international NGOs and multi-lateral agencies, role-playing, simulations, and out-of-class assignments, this course examines major concepts of international development in countries of the Global South. Students will consider…

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The trucks are packed- thank you!

23 12 2016

Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

The Mzuni Library Initiative

community | com ∙ mu ∙ ni ∙ ty |

definition: a unified body of individuals

IMG_9695.jpg Above, 20+ volunteers gathered at Kentland Farms to pack the books on the trucks. Next stop… Project Hope in Winchester, VA.

What a joyful day of celebration for the Mzuni Library Initiative and the awesome community that has rallied behind these efforts. Perhaps there has never been a more powerful personification of community, and today we were particularly (wonderfully!) overwhelmed by the community that has supported the Mzuni Library Initiative, as over 20 volunteers gathered at Kentland Farms to see the textbooks on their way- the final leg of their journey to Mzuzu University in northern Malawi.

Here’s a quick recap of the Mzuni Library Initiative by the numbers:

By the numbers- Mzuni.PNG

And so, today we offer a humble, sincere thank you to the community members and groups that have been the heart and hands of this initiative…

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