The Front of the Library

Some new pictures of the library construction at Mzuzu University.

The Mzuni Library Initiative

The two pictures below – taken by Felix Majawa, the University Librarian – provide a great view of the front of the new library and show the progress that continues to be made.

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One thought on “The Front of the Library

  1. This is so amazing to watch the progress of the library. All the “ifs” that could have prevented this from happening are astounding to consider. If Ralph had not gone to Mzuzu, if Ralph had not met these important leaders and worked with the students from VT and Mzuzu, if the library had not burned to the ground so close in time to Ralph having been ther, Ralph’s department hadn’t been in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Would any of this happened? This is what is known as “ A God Thing”.

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