In Conversation

The Beloved Community Initiative is pleased to announce the “In Conversation” series that begins with several short conversations with Dr. Virgil Wood.

The videos below capture perspectives from Dr. Wood and his colleagues on a broad range of issues relating to the Beloved Community and Beloved Economy.

We hope that you will enjoy these conversations and the subjects they explore.

The Alexander Wood legacy

In this video, Dr. Virgil Wood talks about the Alexander Wood legacy, the Julius Rosenwald school he attended as a young child and the community that nurtured him, and the concept of a Deep Woods memorial park that is under development in Texas.

Dr. Wood reflects on the relationship between Martin Luther King Sr. and George Wallace.

Dr. Wood discusses his idea for a George Floyd Jubilee.

Dr. Virgil Wood on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In Conversation – Dr. Wood & Prof. Cox

In Conversation – Dr. Wood, Dr. Tasby, & Dr. Smith

In Conversation – Dr. Virgil Wood & Dr. Owen Cardwell

In Conversation – Dr. Virgil Wood & Dr. Ryan Hulbert

In Conversation – Dr. Virgil Wood & Dr. Ralph Hall

In Conversation – The Jubilee – Dr. Virgil Wood & Dr. Ralph Hall