Beloved Economy

Since 2016, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Virgil Wood, a church leader, educator, and civil rights activist who has committed much of his life’s work to the struggle for economic and spiritual development among the nation’s disadvantaged.

Our work together led to the creation of the Beloved Community Initiative (BCI), which established an essay contest and hosted the MLK Jubilee Summit in 2018. In that same year, Dr. Wood was invited to give the Virginia Tech Graduate School Commencement speech.

The BCI currently produces videos that document the narratives, histories, efforts, and visions of those working to advance Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s conception of the Beloved Community in the 21st Century. A number of of these videos can be viewed in the BCI “In Conversation” series.

Dr. Ralph Hall and Dr. Virgil Wood

The videos below were recorded in 2019 and capture conversations between Professor Sylvester JohnsonDr. Virgil Wood, and Dr. Owen Cardwell. The first video provides a teaser of what is captured in more detail in the subsequent videos. The videos were produced by Prof. Rachel Lin Weaver.

Dr. Virgil Wood

Dr. Owen Cardwell

Dr. Virgil Wood and Dr. Owen Cardwell (longer compilation)