Library Construction Update

The foundations for the new library at Mzuzu University are now under construction. More updates to come once the structure of the library begins to take shape.

The Mzuni Library Initiative

The construction of the new library at Mzuzu University is underway. The images below were shared by Felix Majawa (Mzuzu University’s Chief Liberian). We will share more updates as the construction progress continues.

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One thought on “Library Construction Update

  1. This is wonderful news! To think what a role Virginia Tech faculty, and students have had in preparing to realize this dream. It will be so important to the education of MalEian students and to developing the tools to collect and analyze data enabling progress in the development of Malawi. It is fitting that it is to be in northern Malawi, where so many leaders in education, science, health and wellness, business and agriculture started their education. I look forward to seeing the progress, a sign of hope for us all! Thank you Ralph, for the role you have played in championing this endeavor!

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