Spring 2015 – International Development Planning Studio

UAP 5764
Instructor: Ralph P. Hall
Meets: Wednesday, 1:25pm to 4:00pm
Location: Architecture Annex 111

Studio Overview

Concepts and practices in the field of international development have changed dramatically over the past few decades. This studio course is designed to prepare students with the most current approaches to the practice of international development as implemented by leading actors today. Students will learn the traditional project planning tools used by multilateral and financial institutions as well as alternative approaches/tools. They will be equipped with a variety of skills necessary for working on development projects in the real world.

Throughout the studio, elements of project development, planning, management, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation will be covered from the perspective of the prevalent development sectors. Emphasis will be placed on synthesizing and practicing skills through the preparation of a proposal for an international development project/program. During the studio, students will work on, present, and critique different elements of their project proposals. To complement the theoretical discussions, several studios will be led by experienced practitioners and academics in the field of international development.

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Studio Objectives

Upon completion of the studio, students will be able to:

  1. develop a complete proposal for an international development project/program – which will include a problem analysis, a needs assessment/stakeholder analysis, a gender analysis/discussion, a clear set of goals/objectives (supported by a logframe analysis), an assessment of resources and organizational ability, a proposed work plan and timeframe, a budget, a monitoring and evaluation plan, and a plan for the successful implementation of the project; and
  2. undertake a financial analysis of a proposed development project.

Project Ideas for UAP 5764

20131122_094126_003This morning I spoke with Prof. Akshay Sharma about the three products his students are developing in his industrial design studio. In the spring 2014 semester, students taking my International Development Planning Studio (UAP 5764) will have the opportunity to build on the work of Prof. Sharma’s students by developing a project proposal around one of the three products described in the video below. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their own ideas into an international development project proposal.

My collaboration with Prof. Sharma is part of an ongoing effort to create connections between programs and courses at Virginia Tech in the area of international development.