VT Authors Event

The photos below were taken this afternoon at the 11th Annual VT Authors Recognition Event. In 2015, over 70 VT faculty published more than 80 books. I attended the event to talk with fellow authors about the book I co-authored with Henrik GudmundssonGreg Marsden, and Joe Zietsman entitled Sustainable Transportation: Indicators, Frameworks, and Performance Management.

TRB 2016 Annual Meeting Workshop

At the 2016 TRB Annual Meeting, I will be taking part in a workshop entitled Sustainability in Transportation – Making it Count. This workshop will introduce key concepts from our new book – Sustainable Transportation: Indicators, Frameworks and Performance Management – with the objective of empowering participants to critically review and analyze the challenges of using indicators to promote sustainability. The aim is to move beyond simple prescriptions and one-size-fits-all lists of performance measures, to explore how an understanding of frameworks and indicator applications can make sustainability count.


Thursday, January 14, 2016, 8:00AM – 12:00PM

Convention Center, 204B