MURP Alumni Receives TRB Certificate of Appreciation

UAP graduate Erin Puckett recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Transportation Research Board (TRB) for her analysis of the TRB Research Needs Statements (RNS) database. Erin’s analysis focused on determining the extent to which the topic of sustainable Erintransportation was addressed in the proposed research projects listed in the RNS database. Her analysis identified the type and scope of projects being proposed and which TRB committees are supporting sustainability-related research proposals in one or more areas. The results from this analysis were used by the Committee on Transportation and Sustainability (ADD40) to determine which proposed research needs to support, which committees to initially engage with within TRB, and where opportunities exist to propose new research projects. The TRB Certificate of Appreciation highlights the practical significance of Erin’s work. Erin is now working as a County Planner in the Henrico County Planning Department.