NCHRP 08-74

Sustainability Performance Measures for State Departments of Transportation and Other Transportation Agencies (NCHRP 08-74)

Role: Project advisor (2009-2011)

Client: National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).

This research project developed a guidebook for state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other transportation agencies to use to measure the sustainability of their networks, systems, facilities, projects, and activities, at the appropriate scales, stages (e.g., long-range planning, programming, project development, design, construction, maintenance, operations), and time frames.

The guidebook provides a practical approach to understanding sustainability, and identifying and applying sustainability-related performance measures. The guidebook also discusses linkages to an agency’s mission and strategic plan, and the integration of these sustainability measures into other programs and agency business practices. The guidebook provides a generally-applicable framework that transportation agencies can adapt and use, either in their existing performance measurement programs or as part of a new sustainability initiative. The guidebook also contains a compendium of sustainability performance measures with a menu of goals, objectives, and performance measures that agencies can use as the basis for their performance measurement applications.

The research team was lead by Dr. Josias Zietsman, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) in collaboration with Cambridge Systematics, CH2M Hill Inc., and High Street Consulting. Dr. Henrik Gudmundsson (Technical University of Denmark), Dr. Greg Marsden (University of Leeds), Dr. Steve Muench (University of Washington), and I serve as advisors to the project.