IITK-VT Partnership

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The IITK-VT partnership on Sustainable Infrastructure Development was formed to create the next generation of sustainable infrastructure development professionals. The partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) and Virginia Tech (VT) was made possible by a grant from the Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative. The partnership is centered on the belief that sustainable infrastructure development will become increasingly important for the vitality of communities throughout the world and that academic institutions have a responsibility to respond to the sustainability challenge.

Core Team Members (from left to right) Mr. Rahul Yadav, Prof. K.K. Bajpai, Prof. Onkar Dikshit, Prof. Sudhir Misra, Dr. Ralph Hall, Dr. Michael Garvin, Ms. Yehyun An, Dr. Kevin C. Desouza, and Prof. Mukesh Sharma

The IITK-VT partnership’s overarching goal is to encourage mutual understanding, facilitate educational reform, and engage civil society through knowledge sharing. Emerging from this broad statement are the following objectives:

  1. Establish a long-term partnership between IITK and VT;
  2. Develop the next generation of infrastructure professionals;
  3. Create educational materials to reform existing curricula;
  4. Initiate collaborative research; and
  5. Disseminate knowledge created through the partnership.

The three-year IITK-VT partnership aims to achieve its objectives through a series of meetings, workshops, research collaborations, and graduate student exchanges that are linked together by a knowledge platform developed to support virtual and digital exchange of information and data.

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Message from the Anne Khademian (Director of the School of Public and International Affairs)

Message from Prof. Brian Kliener (Director of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction)