AGRILINKS Article on Kenya AIVs Project

The following AGRILINKS article by Sara Hendery was just published on our USAID LASER PULSE project in Kenya. The purpose of this project is to explore how a blockchain-based technology platform developed by AgUnity, could be used to enhance the supply chain for African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs). The project is co-managed by our in-country partners at Egerton University.

2 thoughts on “AGRILINKS Article on Kenya AIVs Project

  1. Hi Ralph! Is there any possibility of expanding this research into other countries in Africa? Like Malawi? Just wondering. I know a young farmer near Mzuzu that might benefit from this type of technology. I suppose it must be tested in an entire region among group of farmers Penny

  2. We are learning a lot from our pilot project that we will share as soon as the project is complete. For the approach to work in Malawi (and in any country), we would first need to map the AIV supply chain to identify the producers, middle people, retailers, etc. Once we have this information, we can tailor the system to the local circumstances. Of course, this all takes funding, so the first step would be to secure the resources to kick start the project.

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