New Book on Sustainable Transportation

See the description by ITS-Leeds of our new co-authored book on sustainable transportation.


A post to fanfare the arrival of a new book on Sustainable Transportation. The book is the fruit of six years work with Henrik Gudmundsson (DTU Denmark), Ralph Hall and Joe Zietsman (Texas TTI). The book, Sustainable Transportation: Indicators Frameworks and Performance Management , is written for students, academics and practitioners interested in how to make transportation more sustainable.

The book begins by providing a rich account of sustainable development, transportation’s contribution (positive and negative) to those goals and what is meant and intended in various interpretations of “sustainable transportation”. Whilst this part of the book reflects the state of art it is grounded in principles which can be explored and developed in a range of contexts. The book, as the title suggests then goes on to explore the importance of information in decision-support around sustainable transportation.

It is in the use of information to support decisions or challenge progress…

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