Hard Case for Google Glass ($8)

5 08 2013

IMG_20130805_115508_755While the protective case that Google provides with Glass is great for recreational use, I have been concerned that the case is not robust enough for traveling nationally/internationally. To solve this problem I started looking for a cheap and functional solution. While some Explorers have found a more substantial soft case – e.g., see the Case Logic GPS & Media 5-7″ In-Car DVD Player Case or (if you love Star Wars) the Millennium Falcon bag – I decided to look for a hard-case solution.

Since my office at Virgina Tech is located 200m from our local art supplier, Mish Mish, I took a break one morning to see what they could offer. I found what I believe is the perfect solution for me, a 10 inch Art & Craft case made by Art Alternatives. The case retails at $7.99 and the Glass case fits perfectly inside (see the pictures below). The nice thing about the case is that it has room to hold my smartphone and the various chargers I travel with. The case gives me some piece of mind that when I try to squeeze my backpack into an overhead compartment on a plane or train, the Glass device will be protected.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to jazz up the case a little by adding a sticker that came with a Samsung Chromebook I just purchased.




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