The underlying theme throughout all of my work is to make progress towards more sustainable forms of development.

My research interests fall into four broad categories:

  1. Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Regions: I research ways to enhance the financial and technical sustainability of rural water supply and sanitation services in developing countries. This is applied, empirical research that informs policy.
  2. Sustainable Transportation: I research decision-support frameworks that transportation agencies and practitioners can use to transition their transportation systems towards sustainability. Specific emphasis is given to how indicators and performance measures can make sustainability operational for decision makers, planners, operators, and other stakeholders within and beyond the field of transportation.
  3. Sustainable Development: I research the many dimensions of sustainable development and how national, multinational, and international political and legal mechanisms can be used to further sustainable development. This research provides a foundation for my work in water and sanitation and transportation systems, which in turn provide valuable (real world) insights into how the theoretical ideas developed in this research area can be enhanced.
  4. Inclusive Economics: I research economic theories and approaches that could transform the economy and make it more inclusive and sustainable.


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